During the early 1980’s there is no Indian Vegetarian restaurant in the USA, especially in the New York / New Jersey area. In the late 80’s a family of members hailing from South India thinking and wondering about eating out healthy Indian Vegetarian food. Surprise there is none!!! This surprise created the traditional, healthy, tasty Indian Vegetarian Multi Cuisine Swagath Gourmet Restaurant.

Swagath Gourmet is the one of the FIRST Indian Vegetarian restaurant created in the USA. Since then the relentless service of delivering mother made authentic, traditional, healthy and tasty Indian vegetarian food is served.

The family business started with the motto of delivering home-made food and relentless service as a mother to all healthy vegetarian food lovers and eaters. For three decades and growing Swagath is delivering and maintaining that tradition, healthy and tasty food. The repeat customers are over 90% over three decades. There are many accolades and recognitions for the services and the business being delivered. The Swagath family is single focused to deliver the relentless service of creating and delivering the traditional, healthy, tasty Indian Vegetarian Multi Cuisine food and food products.

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