Swagath Gourmet’s leadership consists of the family founding members to carry on the tradition, the taste, the healthy recipe, the authentic spices, and the uncompromised serving food to the community and the relentless services. The Journey continues to generations and beyond…

1. Murali Iyengar :
An ex Indian Navy Officer, Cooking is his passion and it is in his genes. Passionate about healthy vegetarian food, traditional making and creating the magic taste with the authentic mix of Indian spices and service as a mother. With his forty plus years of creating, cooking and delivering tasty, healthy, traditional Indian Vegetarian foods to the community, won the hearts of many customers. He is responsible for the creation and delivery of all food products and services and in-charge of the backend and Kitchen operations. He is married and is living in Edison, NJ with his wife and two sons.

2. Padma Iyengar:
A simple dedicated house wife turned Executive Chef brings the art of making food and service to the community. She brings not only the three decades of professional cooking experience but the family cooking experience of decades to add to the healthy, traditional and tasty food. She is dedicated and with her continuing relentless services won the hearts of many people. She lives in Edison with her husband and two sons.

3. Sesha Iyengar:
The Master, the creator of Swagath Gourmet with his own family members and thirty plus years of experience in the food industry. His simple, passionate, dedicated service and thinking makes Swagath a specialty, healthy, multi cuisine Indian vegetarian food place. He is the brain behind the operations to win the hearts of 90% plus repeat customers Swagath has to their credit. He is responsible for the overall business and administration. He lives in Edison with his family.

A “servant leader” and “warrior” in leadership and management who is transforming businesses to upscale and success for the past 35 years with his Management and Technology leadership experiences. A pioneer in creating Organics healthy bio and food products. Been a leader in the hospitality, services and Indian food restaurant with a traditional authentic food creation and delivery. He is responsible for the upscale of the business, marketing and operations. He is married and lives in the Silicon Valley, California with his wife, son and daughter.

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